Monday, July 13, 2009

The Day After

Its the day after the tri, and I am feeling more or less ok. The legs feel good but physically, I am tired. I got a good seven hours of sleep last night. I do have one nagging pain – a strained oblique on my right side. It was aching me a tiny, tiny bit in the days leading up to the tri, but today it’s really wailing. Speaking with a guy I work with who is a trainer, he figures I probably did it training for the swim, and aggravated it during yesterday’s swim event. He figures it was probably the overhand motion of the free style stroke that did it.

Regardless, I tried to do a light recovery run this morning at the gym, and made it all of ten steps before it felt like someone stabbed me in the side. This pain is not the same pain that one would normally get running – the famed “side stitch.” What I have actually hurts when I press on it. Since I couldnt run, I jumped on a spin bike for twenty minutes and spun with light/ moderate tension. It looks like I am going to have to lay off the running for a couple of days. I got myself all slathered up with Tiger Balm, and Jay suggested I do some light oblique stretches throughout the day.

Tomorrow is the next weigh-in at work. The past weeks havent been going well. I havent lost weight, but I havent gained weight either, so at least there is a bright side. I did a quick weigh in this morning when I got to office, and I am exactly the same as I was last week. So, if I really behave today, I might be able to drop a pound or so, but nothing earth shattering.

I have to wonder if my time would have been any better yesterday if I weighed a bit less. Last year, according to my running log, I was floating around 174/175. I wonder what, if anything, it would have gained me? Another minute on the run? Minute or two on the bike?

Here’s some very preliminary pics from yesterday. These pics came courtesy of Mike’s facebook. I have more pics on my camera, and Lou’s dad took a boatload, and I am waiting on those. Most of the pics Mr. L took were on the bike course, at a really cool corner. So lets hope that I at least look fast in those pics.

0712091024Post race, contemplating my performance

FrankTriMr. Classy

FrankTri2 The Race Compound

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