Sunday, July 19, 2009


I got a really good variety of activities this week. I did 7.2 miles of running, 45 miles of road riding, 11 miles of mountain biking, and 45 minutes of spinning. Granted, I wish the running mileage would be a bit higher, but what can you do. All 7 miles of the running was banged out in one day – Friday.

Today’s ride was the much anticipated re-union ride at Valley Forge. Schoutens is in town for work. Me, Lou, Rob and Matt hooked up and banged out an old-school 11 miler at Valley Forge, more or less doing the entire park (with the exception of a return trip through the Blair Woods). We blew through the Park at 1:15:00 – not to shabby (that does not include rests). Luckily, Lou still has his old Trek FS, so we were able to get Schoutens setup on that. Only one problem: no one brought him a spare helmet, so as an act of kindness/ I cant do anymore damage than what I have done already – I gave my Rob my helmet and I went without. I can see why the pro road riders like going helmetless- very refreshing, not having that bucket strapped to your head. I wasn’t sweating as much as I would have. Nice.

Of course, the Drexel Cycling Rule of Three was obeyed – whenever three or more former members of the Drexel Cycling Team go on a mountain bike ride, someone (usually me) has to get a flat.

Near the end of the single track on the VF side, I popped a flat. Lou got some pics – see below.

Riding Pics

Aside from my flat, the rest of the ride was uneventful – no mechanicals and no one went ass over tea cups, and Schoutens didn’t try to run me off the trail on a way-too-tight-for passing downhill. I put together a compilation of some video I shot today as well, and Lou had the helmet cam on today, and I’ll link to that whenever he gets it uploaded



Sounds like we might try to hookup again on Thursday night after work – sans Matt. Schoutens is here until the weekend and I think he’s going to bored out of his gourd.

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