Monday, August 10, 2009

Like the New Title?

I got up at 6 and I was immediately greeted by the sound of my phone “blowing up” as the kids say these days. When you wake up for a group ride or a race and your phone is going apesh*t, that’s not a good sign. It means that someone is bailing, or the weather is crappy. A silent phone is a good sign.

In addition to the chirping and buzzing of my phone, I could also hear another faint sound in the background – the sound of rain. A quick glance out the window only confirmed that which my ears had first suspected.

A long story made short: it was raining. Hard. And the forecast for the rest of the day called for more rain. So while I was sleeping, the boyz  were calling me to tell me the obvious: aint no one riding in this weather.

I was disappointed. I spend a fair amount of time the day prior getting the bike cleaned up. I installed a new brake line for the rear wheel and got all of my kit together. I have a particular setup that I use on the bike for races. I dont like to carry a Camelback when I race. I wear one only when I do my normal rides. For racing, I prefer to be as minimalistic as possible. I carry a spare tube, tire irons, mini-tool, and a CO2 Gun. I keep all of the tools in a small saddle bag, with the exception of a spare CO2 quickshot, which I keep taped to to the seat post, and the spare tube, which I keep tucked into the space between the saddlebag and the saddle. By keeping all of this stuff on the bike, I keep the rear pockets of my jersey free for gels and food. So anyway I got all of that setup on Saturday, plus some other miscellaneous maintenance items.

But, no racing for me.

So, I have changed the name of the blog, and I’ll admit that its a bit tongue in cheek. I am going to use this blog, from this point forward, to document my training for the upcoming weeks for the PRD. The format will be as outlined:

Date: 8-9-2009
Scheduled Workout:
Long Run, 7 miles, 9:13 pace

Actual Workout:
Long Run, 10.5 miles, 9:00 min pace

Start and end at my house, circuit through Brookhaven, Wallingford into Swartmore. 10 minute break in Swarthmore, return to home via different route. Lots of hills!!!!

Workout Nutrition:
Ran with two large Fuel Belt bottles of plain water; drank both (one up, one back). One GU gel at 50 minutes; another 30 minutes later

Post workout Eats:
Slimfast powdered mix, one scoop, with 1c of 2% Milk

Last weigh in was 178 on Thursday, August 6th

I hadnt run in four days, so I wanted to get a longer than scheduled run in. It was extremely humid- near 100%.

I am going to do this every day from this point forward. So, in keeping up, today’s (Monday) entry should be:

Date: 8-10-2009
Scheduled Workout:
Rest/ Cross Training

Actual Workout:
Nothing. The plan said rest, so I rested


I was not as sore as I thought I was going to be, for not having run in nearly a week, let alone running 10 hilly miles in 100% humidity. I would like to have done a recovery run or maybe a light spin, but what can you do.

In other news, I do not think the 24 hour mountain bike is going to happen. I would really only want to do it as part of a four man team. Three people are cutting it close. Lou cannot do it – the kid’s baptism is the same weekend. Mike is going to Vegas. That leaves me and Dom. It’s no big deal. There is serious talk of doing the French Creek Fling Adventure Race on October 11th. More on that later.

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