Thursday, September 3, 2009

12 The Hard Way

I have decided that I am not going to run the Philly Distance Run. Well, not legally. I am going to bandit run it. I am not paying the $75 or whatever the astronomically high entry feel will be on race day. I have never bandit run a race before. However, economic times are tough.

I hammered out 12 on Saturday morning, and it went a little something like this:

Date: 8-29-2009
Scheduled Workout: 
Rest/ Cross Training

Actual Workout:
Long Run; 12 miles. Pace was somewhere around 8:40-8:50

I did the first run while measuring a course with Tim for the DCCC 5k in September. I did the 2nd run on the same course, We ran the course to double check our measurements. I did the third run immediately after the 2nd run at Ridley Creek State Park. The course is a lot of up and down, but for the most part, the run home is flat/ downhill.

Workout Nutrition:
I gulped down about six ounces of Gatorade between the first and second runs.

Post workout Eats:
Not quite sure, but later than night I went to Tim’s and ate my own weight in ribs and beer.

Not sure.

It was humid and raining when I left the house. I had originally planned to run up to Media and catch the 8:00 crew who normally run a 6.5 mile course around the town, and then home. Somehow, I got my times all mixed up and arrived at the meeting spot at 9:00 am, not 8:00 am. I probably should have gone to Ridley Creek.

Sunday, I was scheduled to do an easy run of 5 miles. As I had mentioned in a previous post, the week past was a taper week – no long running scheduled, but I switched Sunday’s workout with Saturday and ran long instead of the scheduled five miler. I didnt get a chance to do a recovery run on Sunday. My community had a massive flea market thing and I registered a table. I was out there all day from about 9 to 3. I sold a good amount of my crap, and the rest I packed up and took right over to Goodwill and donated it. I’ll take the write-off. Anyway, I had to start getting ready for this flea market early, and I didnt have time to get a run in. But I will say this: I didnt feel all that sore on Sunday. That’s a good sign. The body is adjusting to the stress.

Today is an easy day, but I cant do two rest-days in a row, so I am going to try and FORCE myself to get out at lunch. I have thing afterwork which will preclude me from getting in a run. I have been really lax as of late with the lunch time running. I get so busy at work and I get so into a groove that it’s hard for me to break out of it sometimes. I dont take lunch most of the time, not in the formal sense.

I have been thinking alot about “time” lately. There’s a lot of things that spring to mind, and when I think about them, I am always shocked by the amount of time that has passed between a certain memory or event, to present day. They say that Time heals all wounds, but in my opinion, it also creates huge rifts. I think about all of the people that I do not get a chance to talk to much anymore – people that I was very close to. Granted, people move, people have kids'; there are events in other people’s lives that preclude us from having a certain amount of control. Social Networking sites like Facebook help exacerbate the situation by keeping us marginally connected to people in the past (or present) and I guess having some small connection, digital or otherwise, is better than having the alternative – no connection. I sometimes quietly wonder if I have taken everything I possibly can out of an event, or a period of time. Did I let time slip by without fully immersing myself in the moment?  Have I done a good job of immersing myself up to this point in my life? I would say yes. But how well am grasping the present, and shaking it for all its worth, to squeeze every last drop out it? This part of this entry has been highly philosophically, and I would imagine that if someone were to read this, who has a background or knowledge of various philosophies, he/ she could probably give me better insight to this “mind state.”

Fast Forward: I am now on the way home. I never made it running at lunch. I was too swamped. I cannot run when I get home either- I am watching the kids while Heather runs out. So, I’ll cut the lawn, which hasnt been cut for about a month. Its in dire need. If I wait any longer, the township is going to come after me.

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