Monday, September 7, 2009

Odds and Ends

Its a little later on Sunday. I am sitting here in front of the TV. Tomorrow, I get to fly to Pittsburgh for a day trip to see a potential customer. When they need to bring out the WOW factor, they bring out the big guns. Hehe.

So I did manage to get a nap in, and I feel 1000x better since I woke up. Once I was up, I did some work on the bike. I got a new (used) fork last week, and its in great shape, but it doesnt seem like its getting the full length of its travel.

noname(4) So I downloaded the service manual, and checked the oil level, which is easy, except I got shock oil all over the patio. That stuff never comes off the cement. After that was done, I made a campfire in the back yard for the girls. noname(3)

It must be something with men and fires because my girls were no where near as enamored by the fire as I am. Technically, Brookhaven has an ordinance against open fires, but to me, that’s un-American. I have a right to fire in my own backyard. Besides, I kept this fire small and under control, unlike the pyrotechnic monstrosities that we usually build on our camping trips. The last time we went camping, Mike built a fire that was so big, we had call the State Park and have them put one of those fire helicopters that dump water of forest fires on stand-bye.

If you read Mike’s blog, he did a nice recap of today’s ride – the one that I skipped. It turns out that he and Dom rode with a bunch of guys that are expert level riders. From the sounds of it, it was a super fast ride. I am glad that I didnt go. Even at 100%, I probably would have been suffering.

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