Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am feeling better. Its my quads and left calf (the problem calf) that are really sore, but I think I might make an attempt to run tonight with the Delco Road Runners. I’ll probably do the three mile course – keep it easy, keep it simple.

Fast Forward: I ran three miles tonight with the club, and I dont think I broke a 9’30” mile. My left calf was killing me. Its kinda weird – soreness isnt really a good way to describe the pain. It felt more like a knot in one specific spot. Weird.

So I am giving serious consideration to doing another marathon in a month and a half – The Pocono Marathon. Its not much time, and so I am on the fence about it. Essentially, I have four weeks to train, assuming I “taper” for the two weeks prior to the race. The big question: do I try to get one more 20 miler in? Is it necessary? The group I run with has it on their schedule for the weekend after next. One way or the other, I’ll run as if I am training from this point on, and whether I do a 20 miler with the group on that weekend (or maybe a shorter 17 or 18 miler) will be a judgment call.

I have until May 12th to register, and at this point, the race fee is the same from this point on, so there is no penalty for me to wait and see how things go.

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