Thursday, December 30, 2010


The results came back from my my ultrasound and all of my guts look normal.. So now the only logical explanation is a muscle strain. I had to go to the doc tonight because I have now have an ear infection. My normal doctor wasn't in so I saw his partner. He reviews the results and he agrees that its probably an oblique strain. No running and warm compresses. I'm going into week 4 of the marathon training and its not going well. I've been to the doctor three times in three days. I'm not one for doctors.

I'm timing a midnight run tomorrow night down at the Ballpark. Perfect timing with the ear infection- standing outside ion the freezing cold. I'm gonna sleep all day tomorrow so I am well rested. I would like to try and make some sort of heat tent in the back of the truck so I am not shivering. Hopefully I can shake the chills.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



I am going to rename this blog "Fat Runner"

Why? Because I am getting fat. I am now at 189. That is rigodamndiculous.

I am thinking about switching to the Georgia Marathon, which is a week before the Ocean Drive Marathon. It lines up perfectly with a trade show that I am attending in Atlanta that same day, and the weather will be much nicer in Atlanta than Cape May in late March. It was miserable last year - rain, wind. Ug. Horrible running conditions. One another attendee of the convention is running as well - actually, she's the person who planted the idea in my head.

The training isnt going so well. I have been having some chronic side cramps. I have an ultrasound appt tomorrow to see of there's something going on in my innards. I am in week 3 and I havent run more than 18 miles in one week, and my longest run hasnt been past 7 miles. I tried to run today and I got about 1.5 miles in and I had to stop. I might give it another try with the running club tonight.