Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hide the Pickle

I didnt get into the gym once this week. That's horrible. However, I did get a tattoo, as most of you might have seen on Facebook. I get a new bike this weekend, so I got that going for me. If I can get the derailleur cable on my Y bike fixed, I'll go a ride later. No one cares. I am boring myself just talking about it.

But what is important is the running of the 1st Run of the 2011 Winter Pickle Running Series. We had 300+ knuckleheads running around Ridley Creek State Park and I think everyone had a ton of fun. The trail conditions were perfect - 2" to 4" of fresh powder with no ice, and yesterday was a crystal clear day.

We had one injury that actually required medical attention. One of the 5k runners lost his footing and went ass over teacups coming around the turn-around point. He fucked himself up good. I dont know how he got back to the start, but when I caught up to him, he was lying in the back of Tim's truck and he wasnt in good shape. There was a Dr. on site who had wrapped his arm up and by all appearances, it looks like he popped out his shoulder.

When the first responders arrived, they came in full force - an ambulance, a volunteer's truck, and one of those fast response firetrucks, complete an actual fireman in full get. Big thanks to those guys.

Check out the Pickle Facebook page - do a search for "The Pickle Run" and become one of our friends. We have no friends. Where do you think we find the time to put on this stupid event?

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