Thursday, January 27, 2011


In an effort to get myself in shape, I have decided to immerse myself into spinning. I have had alot of luck using spin classes to get myself into decent riding shape over the years. Some would argue that the only way to really train for cycling would be via a true indoor trainer. I beg to differ. I'll admit that maybe the spin bike doesnt offer quite the same training benefits as riding one's own bike on an indoor trainer. However, there are some trade offs I'm willing to accept.

  • Having used an indoor trainer in the past, there's a certain level of solitude one must accept. Essentially, the rider is sitting in an empty room with perhaps a TV. Sitting on a trainer for two hours with some movies to watch might be fine for some, but I'd go postal eventually
  • I need and like the social aspect of the gym. I like eye candy. I like being in a room with thirty (30) other knuckleads working their asses off.
  • I like the competition. I like looking around the room at the people who arent breaking a sweat, while I am leaving a puddle of water on the floor, and know that I am the hardest working man in that room.
I'll probably have close to three (3) hours of spin time this week (an hour per class). Eventually I am going to step that up to four (4) classes. In some cases I'll go a half hour early and ride on my own before class.

This week, I ran twice. 3.4 miles and then a 1.25 miler. Nothing crazy, but pain free. No side pain, no calf pain. I am not going to go crazy. I view running as a secondary method of cross-training at this point. Cycling is and will be the primary training.

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  1. You should mix in some swimming there cuz! The key to spin classes is finding the right instructor who uses music you like and is there to make people work while entertaining them at the same time. I barely ran the past 2 months and did a half last weekend and did just fine, not fast, but solid 1:40 which isn't too bad considering...

    Hope the pain continues to go away!