Saturday, January 1, 2011

Strep Steady Diet of Nothing

I got the strep. Throat is on fire. I went to one of those mini-clinic jawns this morning and they gave me some roids and amoxicilin. This is awesome. My diet has consisted of nothing but ice cream and popsicles - a steady diet of nothing (which is also the name of DC based punk band from way back. Can you name it?)

The Midnight 5k went off without a - hitch. They had two-hundred sixty registered runners and two hundred twenty finishers. I wish I could have stayed for more of the post race festivities, but I just wanted to go home and go home and go to bed. Once I got home, I didnt actually to bed until 5 am because 1) my throat was on fire and 2) I wasnt tired. So I popped two unisoms and an ambien. You would think that after that dosage of meds, it would have been "goodnight Irene" but I still rolled around until 5:30 am.

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