Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And so it goes...

Today is March 17th. I have about one month until my triumphant(ly horrible) return to mountain bike racing. I need to get serious about the training. This is a tough week - I am flying to Massachusetts for two days this week, and unless my hotel has a weight room, that puts me behind the 8-ball with respect to getting some spinning in this week.

I had a pretty good streak of training days last week - three days in a row of spinning with some running mixed in (until the friggen pain in my side got bad enough that I had to stop). My wattages are looking good, considering that I had to take a some days off with being sick. I'd have to go back and look at my data on my garmin but I know that I averaged 246 watts on the second session and 270 watts my third session (for about 30 minutes) - I dont think I could maintain that wattage for the full hour. I've geen hitting the mid 400 watt range in my sustained sprints (~ 30 seconds).

I'm definitely modfiying the classes as I take them to better suit the actual skills that I would need to apply to a mountain bike. Some of the "moves" in the classes arent very applicable to a bike, so I'll do my own thing while the instructor takes the rest of the class through his/her routine.

I got a referal to a couple of sports medicine specialists. I have to call today and setup an appointment with one of the Dr.'s that my GP highly recommends for this nagging sidepain. I really want to get this thing straightened out so I can race in the tri in July up in Towamencin

I am going to cobble together a training plan today that's going to have me put alot of time in with the bike because that's the immediate training need in light of the upcoming mountain bike race, with some swimming mixed in. If I cant train for running, there's no harm in at least trying to train for the other two legs of the tri while I am training for this MTB race.

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