Monday, June 20, 2011


I ran the Media Five Miler on Friday night, in the Pickle Suit. My intent was to run one lap of the course and then spectate, cheer, act like a jackass, etc. But I felt ok after the first lap, so I cut our one corner of the course and jumped back into the back for the 2nd lap.

I was hot. That was probably my biggest issue with the run -- the hills and being grossly out of running shape also didnt help. I stopped alot on the course - I hit all of the water stops so I could dump some water down the inside of the suit, and I drank alot of beer. I must have stopped at every damn BBQ and tailgate on the course to have a sip of this, a little sip of that... Some of the people manning some of the tailgates that I hit on the first lap had beers waiting for me on the 2nd lap. The stomach wasnt feeling so good near the end but the amazing part is that I had no side pain, which is ironic considering that I had a bone scan that same morning.

Anyway, by the time I crossed the finish line, I probably had close to a six-pack in me. A good friend, Sue, threw me a beer about 20 meters from the finish line. So now most people either know who I am - the Pickle guy from the Pickle Runs-- or some beer swilling alcoholic jackass who runs around in a green suit as a either a: cucumber/jalapeno/green bean/etc.

I forgot how great that race is - its the only race in the area that gets that kind of crowd support other than the bigger races in Philly. I wish the course wasnt so damn hilly.

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