Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Excuse me Miss, but what can I get for $20?

I will start out each of these entries with a summary of my daily workout. Pay attention. I am about to make a statement. Oh, and pay attention to the footnotes that I sprinkle throughout these blogs. I wouldnt want anyone to miss anything. That's sarcasm.

Today's workout: 5.75 miles on the treadmill at 9:15 min/m pace at 1.0 deg incline, with a fat sweaty guy next to me humming "Eye of the Tiger" over and over again.  

Tomorrow's goal: Get up at 5 am without hitting the snooze ten times. For an insomniac*, you'd think it would be a hell of alot easier for me to get the hell out of bed in the morning.

The biggest challenge I am going to have training for this facocta marathon is the long runs - not only fitting them on the weekends during the race timing season (which rolls straight through into June) but also finding someone with whom I can run. Although I hear that there are parts of the City where you can "compensate" some fine young ladies to do anything you can possibly imagine. I wonder if I can pay a hooker just to run with me? I would actually pay to see a running hooker. In heels.

Anyways, back in 2010, I had the benefit of training with a group of people from my running club who were all training for marathons that were happening just about the same time as mine. Try running 20 miles alone. You'll go f*cking out of your mind. You'll want to walk into a 7-11 and take a hostage. You'll want to punch a Canadian in the face. But, this is the kind of stuff that builds character - puts hair on your chest. It tests your mental fortitude. Luckily, I happen to be mentally ill, so no matter where I go I have a lot of voices in my head to keep me company. I talk to myself at work. It's a whole thing. 

The Japanese version of "Jackass." 
I think that's "Steve-Roh"

Luckily, the race season is over by mid June, and then I am more or less free from then on to run my arse off. As a company, we do something call ed "summer hours" starting the week of Memorial Day  - work a couple of long days and take a half on Friday- so I'll have some Friday afternoons to do some long runs if I cannot squeeze them in on the weekend. I work in Center City Philadelphia, and I am very close to the loop around the drives. That's an 8.35 mile loop that's perfect for piecing together a long run.