Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Only The Meek Get Pinched; The Bold Survive"

Recognize the quote?

Yesterday's workout: 5.25 SLOW. Like ~ 9:40 min/m pace

Today's Workout: 3.1 at tempo; 8:55 pace

Tomorrow? Rest? Meh

I'm feeling good. I had a slight bit of side pain yesterday but I ran through it and eventually it disappeared. That's happened before - the pain will just alleviate itself. It took me a good 2.5 miles into the run for the pain to go away. No problems at all with this morning's run. I took a Motrin before hand as well which I think help's take the edge off.

This morning's run was short - I was pressed for time and I wouldnt mind trying to get back out there this afternoon to hump out 3 more miles. I actually have some soreness in my side now but I am not sweating it. I ran hard this morning and this is the price I am paying for it. Speed kills.

I have a small break in my finger and I have to go see an orthopedic doctor today. I am gonna ask the doc to pul my finger and see how that goes.

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