Friday, May 18, 2012

You Just got Punked!

I like to play a game in the morning as I walk to the office from the train station. It's called the "Eye Contact Game." And what I do is I look every semi-attractive passing female in the eye as she walks by to see if she makes eye contact. And sometimes I give it a real twist and I'll just stare with this really creepy look. Because me looking creepy really isnt a stretch.

And for the record, they rarely ever make eye contact. I am like Frankenstein's Monster.

No workout for me today - taking the day off. I was a little sore yesterday so I figure let's play it safe. I have a late race tomorrow morning to time so I'll head to the gym in the am and bump out some miles and then head to the venue. I dont have to be there until 7:30 and it's in Upper Darby. Big race. I am going to earn my keep tomorrow. 200+ plus people and I am pulling tags.

Pulling tabs means that I have to yank the little tag on the bottom of the runner's bibs and then place it on a spindle in the order that the runner's finish. The bib tags have a UPC symbol and I scan those into my software with some an IR scanner. It takes a fair amount of time to do it and there's alot of moving parts and pieces, unlike the chip timing system which for all intents and purpose is mindless when it comes to processing the results.

At some point I think the goal is to chip time EVERYTHING. This is a busy weekend - three races to time - two back to back on Sunday - one in the am and one in the pm. The Sunday morning race has me a little spooked because it's a simple course but people somehow manage to get lost every year. And guess who get's blamed? ME. I mark the course with arrows using lime, and the RD (Race Director) has course marshals out there on the course, but there is one tricky part that seems to foul up the runners.

But this is why they pay me the big bucks.....

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