Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I drank What??!

I forgot how much I missed running down on the Drives. I did a tad over 6 tonight on the Drives at a 9 pace - nothing crazy - but it was such a col evening that I felt I could have gone for at least another handful of miles. What a difference a day makes - I felt fairly rundown yesterday and I FORCED myself to the gym last night and it was a shit show from start to finish. I had no bizness being on that treadmill. I was tired, my form was suffering and my side started to get tight. I said fuck it and I bagged it after two miles. You cant force a round peg into a square hole. I should have listened to my body but sometimes the overriding feeling of "I am a fat lazy slob and I need to get my ass on the treadmill" overrides common sense. All that being said, I still felt like a fat lazy slob who needed to get his ass on a treadmill :)

I had a decent run on Sunday as well - a little over 5 at "race pace" which although it sounds very fast, it's really not that impressive. The plan that I am following has me targeting a 4 hour marathon which would equate to a 9:09 pace. I banged out 5 just under that, but it's deceiving because the first half of the run is uphill, and the last half of the run is therefore downhill, so the average pace is a little wacky.

I tried running with a Camelback. I wasnt digging it. I am still trying to figure out the hydration piece - trying to gear up for the fact that I am going to be doing some long runs in the heat and I need to have a sustainable supply of water with me. I carry one of them bottle packs that straps around the waist, and the bottle sits kinda on a slant in the small of the back. I think I need something with a bit more volume. A back pack style hydration pack would solve that problem but the typical CamelBack isnt made for running - it's made for biking and I discovered that the one I tried on Sunday not only bounced around way too much, but the shoulder straps are too thin and they dig into my shoulders.

There are packs that are made specifically for running - alot of "ultra" marathoners swear by them and I looking into picking up one of those jawns. The problem is that no one around here sells them and I am not a big fan of buying something like that without trying it on first. I must have hit 4-5 stores int he area that sell running equipment. We got plenty of bottle holders, Fuel Belts, etc, but no backpacks. W-T-F.

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