Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 Hour Party People

I've formed a team for this year's 20in24 ultra marathon. I paced a runner last year, running 45 miles in the span of 7 hours. This year, I decided to "scale it back" and try and form a five person relay team for the "Platinum" relay category. Each relay runner completes four laps (not consecutively).

Welcome to team "Five Finger Death Punch."

On the lineup: Cat, Lea, Sebastian, PJ and team captain, me.

So I've resurrected this blog to try and provide a written record of my training and a what eventually will be a live feed from the event itself.

The training really isn't anything that needs to be over the top. I have to run four laps of 8.3 miles each. Since its a really, I'll have a good five hours in between each lap. That's plenty of time to nap, rest, and recover. Although I would like to try and hammer each lap. So I am working on middle distances with some speed. The training has been going so-so. The last two weeks have been rough- work is killing me and I've been awful about getting up to run. However, in the last three weeks I've hammered out a good 10 miler and a 13 miler with Linda. And that's with little to no running in between each of the longer runs. So I have a good base right now. Consistency is the case!

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