Thursday, March 21, 2013

Swim with the fishes

I feel like shit. I got the flu coming on. Which sucks because I wanted to run a 5k on Sunday. I took first in my age group last year and this is a fantastic race because it literally passes my house twice. The girls come out and cheer and all tht fun stuff. I haven't run all week and with the way I feel it's very doubtful that ill run between now and Sunday.

Lou is trying to talk me into doing a half marathon in September. Lets back up a sec and look at my illustrious multisport history. I can't swim to save my life (no pun intendend) hence the reason that I chose to participate in duathlon for many years. And I don't care what anyone says, duathlon is harder than triathlon. There, I said. I have never done anything over the sprint distance. But could I do it? Could I do a half? Sure, but I'd have to get my ass in a pool and put some ridiculous training in, and I'd probably have to get a swimming coach. Nothing else about the event scares me. I could easily do 58 on a bike and a half marathon immediately after the bike. The first couple of miles of the run would suck but they always do when making that transition. And let's be real -  because I'm keeping it real. Half marathon? For real? I've run two marathons and an ultra. I could bump out a half in my sleep. Might not be a PR after riding 58 miles but its probably the leg of the race that I'd have to focus the least amount of my training.

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