Friday, May 10, 2013

Girls On The Run

Lunchtime running is back. And yesterday I took a lunchtime shower thanks to the rain storm that caught me near the tail end of my run. I guess it beats coming back to the office all stinky.

Ten weeks to go before the race. It looks like I might have to pick up an extra lap if we cant find an alternate. One of our team members can only do two laps. We can either use an alternate or the other team members have to pick up the laps. I think I could pull off 40 miles. I'll get a couple of hours rest in between in each lap. I dont think I'll be setting any speed records on that 3rd and 4th lap though.

I did a double yesterday. I ran again with the Delco Road Runners at our weekly Wednesday Night Run. I ran with four girls that I have been running with for quite some time. And these b*tches were hauling ass. The entire time that I was running (behind them) I kept asking myself who pissed in their  cornflakes this morning. We were pushing an 8:20-8:25 pace, which doesnt sound all that fast. But I am out of shape, I was running on tired legs, and these chicks dont normally push that kind of pace. I have to up my game.

Did some trail running tonight. Trail running is kicking my ass. And I have been doing alot of running at Ridley. You're either going up, or going down. There's very little "flat" trails out there. And I am still stopping on some of the hills. Although tonight I did manage to tackle the "Gut Buster" (or Ghost Buster has my 7 year old calls it). Take a look at the elevation profile of my run

Good news is that I have already dropped a few pounds.

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