Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's the Fox Say?


I seem to have a wild life problem in my back yard. We have always had some troublesome coons running around back there - fat bastards to boot. I got chased by one of the little SOB's a couple of months ago. There's a blog post about that buried somewhere in this blog.

We had to get one of those enclosures for the trash cans because the clever sons of bitches kept getting into the trash.

At any rate, we have had skunks, owls, deer, groundhogs, cats (which we tend to keep), all kinds of wild birds, mice, moles, etc. There was even a bigfoot sighting a couple of years ago. No joke. I am like the Dr. Doolittle of Delaware County

We got a new one: foxes. I saw a shitload of fox tracks in the snow in my backyard this morning.

The little bastard was running all over the place. At one point, he must have ventured out to the front of the house.

Hey Fox: you tell all your furry friends that there is a new Sheriff in Brookhaven, my cousin Cletus (twice removed)  aka the "Redneck Special Forces" all the way  from South Carolina. and he and his mullet- they shoot on first sight

"Gonna get me some coons"

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