Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Working From Home

This year I took a new job with a very large consulting firm based in Texas, that happens to do alot of work in PA. In the 15+ years that I have been in the industry, this is my first forray into "working from home."

I've dabbled with the concept here and there - with my previous employer I'd work from the house every so often, but not with any consistency. With my current employer, I am home 100% of the time.

Working from home has presented some unique challenges for me because I am - as many of you know - a "people person" and there's one thing that's lacking whilest working from home: PEOPLE.

So to put it bluntly, by Thursday in a typical week, I've usually lost my mind from the lack of any social interaction with people. I mean don't get me wrong - I am on the phone alot - but it's not the same. It's been a bit of a culture shock coming from a very small office with about ~25 people to, well, me. And the last place I worked was an insane asylum. I was the head nut-job in charge.

There are a number of "pro's" when it comes to working from home. I get to make my own schedule. I dont have to drive. I can sleep in. No more SEPTA (although truth be told, I do miss my morning commute occasionally). For all of the goofing off that I do around the house, I do get alot more done in 6 hours than I would probably do in an eight hour day at the office.

The con's - they speak for themselves. There's alot of distractions around this house. There's the lack of people.  On any given day, I might wind up talking to my cat for an inordinate amount of time.

I have to admit that maintaining motivation is a challenge sometimes. I am stepping into a new role within the organization in the next couple of weeks, which will have me out of the house more, which is good, because I don't think I could do this for the long haul. I am not wired for it. I know alot of people who love this shit. They think that "working from home" is the greatest thing ever. And this is the direction in which the industry is going - my company is the perfect illustration of that principle. We probably have more people working remotely than we do working in static offices. I guess I am just "old school."

I am contemplating running a 5k tomorrow morning that we're timing (I am off, but I'll run it then help Tim with the timing). What's a better way to kick off the New Year then to bang out a 5k? It's close and I know the course, as much of it overlaps my Wednesday Delco RRC run. I'd rather be mountain biking....

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