Sunday, September 27, 2015

West Coast Recap, Volume I, Episode 1

So I am here in California. Probably old news by now, as it was fairly well known that I was leaving to come out here with the Family.

So it's been five months and now, I present to you, my recap, which will take place over progressive blog posts.

Firstly, I am apparently  as "East Coast" as it gets. I've been told this numerous times, by numerous people (including the President of our company).

Two Saturdays ago, on a group ride, our group got honked at repeatedly by a motorist. Granted, we were probably hogging up a *bit* of the road, but the level of honking was over the top. For some reason, I am the only a$$clown out of 25 riders who decided to let the driver know that her incessant honking was none appreciated and truth be told I did use some colorful language. As I explained to one of the other riders (who is a Bay Area native) on the East Coast, b*tch would have a water bottle thrown into her car. 

So, yes people are generally more polite out here then back home, which is refreshing. I just haven't caught up yet.

There's a couple of things I miss, of course some more than others.

I miss my family, clearly. 

I miss my running club. I haven't found "that group" out here yet. I have found several running "groups" on but there are really just a collection of strangers or people with loose acquaintances that run together.

I miss a good cheesesteak. I have tried a few local places that bill themselves as having "authentic" cheesesteaks  - one is owned by what appears to be some Philly natives. The whole place is decked out with pics of the city, Philly sports memorabilia, etc - but the steak? Meh. It was the bread. Supposedly, there's a place in San Francisco - Jake's Steaks - that's supposed to be the real deal, and they have all of the Eagles games during the season, with a big following of Philly natives in attendance. I'll be checking that joint out in the weeks to come, even though it's a solid hour drive. I miss my peoples.

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