Saturday, October 17, 2015

Turkey Time

One of the biggest adjustments I have had to make since making the move out to the West Coast is the abundance of spare time that I have on my hands on weekends, now that I do not have to time races.

Truth be told, timing sucked up alot of my spare time on weekends that I would otherwise spend running, biking, etc. On days where I did work, it was challenging to come home from an event - where I would have been on my feet running around like a lunatic for a couple of hours - and find the energy to go out and run. I have all of these grandiose plans, now that I have all of this time. I want to run another marathon or an ultra. For too long, I used the excuse of not having free time on weekends to skip running long distance events. Now that I have the time, it's time to focus.

So I find myself this year with an day off on Thanksgiving. I've been timing Turkey trots for the last eight years. So what better way to spend my Holiday than by jumping into a Trot and actually participating. I've signed up to run the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10k with some of the folks I work with and as such, I've started a training plan. Honestly, it's going so-so. I have a love-hate relationship with running. For as much as I love it, I hate it. I hate it more often than not. I am finding it difficult to "get-up" for this event and finding the motivation to train has been challenging. My goal isnt to PR - for that, I need more time to train. I simply want to run 6.2 miles without wanting to punch someone.

What isn't helping is the general lack of a cohesive running community in San Jose. I might have touched on these in past blogs. The oximoron is that everyone and their mother out here runs, but there's no real sense of "community" that I can find. Or maybe I just haven't found it yet. I dunno - if it was so obvious, it shouldn't be that hard to stumble across, and trust me, I've been looking. 

I think my cat just ate a moth.