Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Race Calendar

This is what I have on the calendar for 2016. Everything is no more than an hour from where I live, which is in keeping with my rules of racing (rule #27, to be exact).

April 9th, Golden Bears Duathlon
5 mile run/ 18.6 mile ride/ 2.2 mile run

May 21, Santa Theresa MTB Race (tentative; the promoter is still trying to get his permit)

June 18, DU-TOES
3.6 mile run, 22 mile bike, 1.8 mile run

I also found a website that has a nice MTB schedule listed, but they haven't released their 2016 schedule as of yet. Ten races, starting in February.  Wouldnt mind jumping into a few... just to get my ass handed to me. It's humbling.

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